Different plants require different levels of care, the same way different pets and animals require different care routines, food, schedules etc. Some require more water, others more sun, some require soil rich in nutrients that other plants may not need. Some plants have deep roots and require more soil, others are shallow. Generally speaking, here are some plant care tips and tricks to help you be the best landscaper you can be:

  • Prevent flies and annoying insects that can harm or ruin your hard work and your plants, by trying to avoid eating or drinking while watering or checking on plants. This is because even the smallest traces of sugar from your morning coffee can create a fly problem.
  • There is such a thing as too much water. Make sure to be precise when watering plants, ensuring not to over water and essentially drown the plants.
  • When you go on vacation, away for the weekend, or even to work for a long day, don’t forget to make arrangements to have your little green pals looked after. If you know you have a busy lifestyle, consider more low maintenance plants and species, or perhaps consider hiring a landscape company to help you keep your plants and trees healthy and happy.
  • Prune, trim and groom. Keeping plants well trimmed and pruned actually enhances the longevity of the plant. Remember to provide the plant that TLC it deserves.
  • Keep detailed notes; this is a pro tip. If you keep notes about changes in climate, information on plants, etc., you will be able to better understand what works and what doesn’t for different situations, landscapes and plants.
  • Routine is key, especially if you are considering, or have chosen landscaping as your career path in some way, shape or form. This ensures that you don’t miss any steps, and also helps you manage your time.