If you are in the landscaping industry or looking to get into it, it is important to understand the risks and requirements. Beyond the basic tools and equipment, you will need power tools and machines, a vehicle for transportation, and other heavy machinery. This means that you are creating risks for injury and damage to yourself and your things, as well as others. This is why many people insure their landscaping businesses. There are a number of reasons for this coverage:

  • Avoiding legal fees
  • Protection against damage to clients property and things
  • Protection against accidents that occur on your watch, but may not be your fault
  • Protection against consequences of employees, clients and yourself; injuring yourself, or incurring bodily harm.
  • Protection for your vehicle, its maintenance and breakdowns.

There are many advantages to insuring your business through breakdowncover.com, including the fact that insurance often makes clients and others feel more confident about your services and offerings. In a client facing industry, it is important that clients feel confident and have faith in what it is you are doing, or they will look elsewhere and find someone they do trust. This insurance helps strengthen your brand and company, and increases the appearance of professionalism, leading others to take you more seriously. In addition, there are benefits that speak for themselves, including the actual coverage and benefits. Liability, auto and other insurances offer you security to operate your business without the risk of sudden costs associated with things like legal fees or replacing property damaged by something as silly as a pebble that flew out of your lawn mower, for example.

Insurance is becoming less of an option and many clients, businesses and unions are starting to require this in order to operate or provide landscaping and related services. The cost is definitely outweighed by the benefit.