If you are looking to enhance your knowledge of landscape design, then in order to pursue it in a professional capacity, you will need to look at a list of different Landscape Architecture programs across the UK. Here is such as list:

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture: This is a three or four year program that provides in class and hands on training for students. You will work with real clients and scenarios. One example of a school that offers this degree is the University of Gloucestershire.
  • Master in Planning: This is a degree more tailored to the technical side of landscaping, which is essentially city planning. This is the first step in becoming a chartered City Planner. Newcastle University is one of several institutions that offer this program.
  • European Planning: This is a unique program offered by Belfast university that actually looks at the planning opportunities, challenges, threats and risks across the continent. It is unique in structure and offers students insights into different landscapes and situations both on paper and in hands on learning.
  • Urban Planning: Similar to the Master in Planning, this looks at the ways in which we can efficiently use and develop the spaces that surround us. Several institutions offer Urban Planning programs, some even offer a hybrid between Architecture and Urban Planning degrees for the most eager students.
  • More Landscape Architecture programs: There are general Bachelor and B.A. programs in Landscape Architecture, but there are also specialized Landscape Architecture programs as well. Some schools offer specializations in resorts, for example, some offer specializations that are more in one aspect, such as the option to specialize in Chinese Landscape Architecture.

In addition to these formal programs and degrees, there are always courses both on and offline that one can take outside of pursuing an entire degree. Make sure to check local institutions’ class and course listings for landscape related courses that interest you.