Landscaping is a term that can differ in meaning depending on who you are talking to. Technically, it includes any activity or action that visibly modifies or changes the features or elements of a given piece of land. If you change the living elements such as flowers, fauna, bushes, shrubs or anything that is a living feature, you are undergoing landscaping. In addition, landscaping also includes modifications to natural elements such as rocks, terrain, the actual elevation, any bodies of water, etc. Another element is the weather or climate and/or lighting, which can be modified through human interaction. All of these elements make up the landscape, so changing, adding to, or modifying these aspects in any way, is considered landscaping.

Landscaping is an art that requires a thorough understanding of horticulture. Many people go to school and/ or gain years of industry experience to develop and hone their skills in landscaping. Landscaping includes your front lawn, the school park, and much larger tasks such as golf courses and resorts; and there are even landscaping competitions and landscaping that is done just for the sake of a special event.

Depending on the plot being landscaped, there are a wide variety of strategies, tools, and equipment that can be used. Some of these are cutting-edge. These will be discussed in the pages to come, along with the different designs, and that which influences the landscaping around you. Browse the sites pages to learn all you need to know about landscaping and landscape design.